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For Kids!







Check out the Park and the Story!


Our park is all about HISTORY -- the STORY of the past.  


Do you know that history is a story? Little stories and big stories.


The word history is an ancient word. It comes from the Greek word

"historia"and the Latin/Roman "historia." All the stories are fascinating, but our American story is  AWESOME!


General George Washington   came to New Jersey and Morristown


during the winters of 1777 and 1779-1780, as he led the


Continental Army in the War for Independence and Freedom. The

soldiers lived in tents with only a fire nearby,


and huts    that had a very small fireplace.


They were very cold and suffered frigid temperatures


                                                                                               during more than 20 snowstorms!


They also at times were very hungry.              




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Join the Junior Ranger Program at the Park or on the Web

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and the Junior Ranger Program.





Kid's Plan for the Park





Come to the Mansion and visit


the house where Washington stayed,


where he worked with spies


           and commissioned supplies,


and never had time to play.



Over in the Museum, 


you’ll see clothes the soldiers wore,


their hats, maps and muskets,


and books, paintings and more.




Visit the army’s camp


at the Jockey Hollow site,


where the soldiers suffered all winter


with cold, deep snow and frost bite.




But the General and his soldiers


believed in a land that’s free


and struggled through to springtime


to win our liberty.