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                All About George Washington


                                GEORGE WASHINGTON




* Commander-in-Chief of Continental Army


     Led the Colonies in Revolutionary War and the fight for American         

     Independence. As victorious General, he was at the helm in the Rebellion,
     and directed the the American Troops from the thirteen English Colonies in   

     the struggle to become free of the King of Great Britain.




* First President of the United States

     1789-1792, 1793-1797


     The first elected President of a democratic Republic — the first time  this      

     exceptional experiment had been tried.

     As first President, George Washington knew, as he dealt with the fledgeling

     nation, worked with the people’s representatives in Congress, managed a 

     growing modern economy, and  negotiated as an equal with foreign

     governments as the head of a new state, that he would be setting a precedent

     for future presidents and the nation. 





* Occupations

  • Land Surveyor
    As a young man Washington trained and worked as a land surveyor.

  • Soldier
    Officer in the French and Indian War on the frontier
    Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army

  • Public Official
    Delegate - First and Second Continental Congresses 1774-75
    Presiding Officer - the Constitutional Convention 1787

  • President of the United States
    Served Two Terms - 1789-1797
    Declined serving a third term, setting a precedent

  • Gentleman Farmer and Successful Planter
    Managed Mount Vernon, an extensive plantation
    Experimental farmer – researched horticulture and scientific farming studies conducted in Europe.
  • Business Entrepreneur and Investor
  • Leader of Change
    With the advent of the birth of the United States, Washington led a new nation, where the people elected the governing officials, instead of a king controlling the nation.
  • Washington as Leader
    George Washington served as an honest and courageous leader, holding himself to high standards of integrity and character, as he led the new nation through great changes, as the new democratic republic grew to life and prosperity in a changing political, economic and foreign affairs world.



* General * President * Patriot


George Washington was born in 1732 on Pope Creek Farm, Virginia, to a

wealthy land-owning family.


As a young man he often visited his older half-brother Lawrence at Mount Vernon. George trained as a land surveyor, and traveled great distances, meeting many people, in his occupation. During the French and Indian war George served as a British officer on the frontier. Here he received valuable military and fighting experience.


After his brother Lawrence’s death George inherited Mount Vernon and began the work of a large plantation owner. As relations between the colonies and Great Britain began to fray, George began to participate in the discussion of the rights of colonists as Englishmen.


The Continental Congress chose him as Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army. During the long 8 years of war, George Washington personally persevered with courage and determination, leading a small continental army to victory over the army and navy of Great Britain, the largest ever assembled. After the war, General Washington retired to Mount Vernon, happy to be home and managing the plantation again. As the Constitutional Convention was convened, and the Constitution ratified by the then loosely associated states, General Washington was unanimously chosen by the people to be the first president of the United States.


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