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Themes Addressed by
The Discover History Center

Six themes will be addressed:

1. Morristown: Window on the American Revolution

Introduce the broad overarching impact of what occurred in Morristown during the American Revolution and gives us insight and perspective on the entire war.

2. Why Morristown?

Show why Washington selected Morristown for two winter encampments underscoring the strategic value of its geographic location, populace, and diverse landscapes and resources.

3. Winter Encampments at Morristown: Why and What
Provide a brief overview of the events of the Revolution preceding and following the winter encampments of 1777 and 1779-1780 and why they were important to Washington’s strategy.

4. George Washington: Commander in Chief during the American Revolution
Introduce Washington in his role as Command in Chief and focus on his leadership and activities in Morristown.

5. Challenges of Building and Sustaining a Standing Army
Show that building and sustaining a standing army was one of George Washington’s and his officers’ greatest challenges.

6. Impact of War on Colonial Citizens
Provide context for the larger story of the war by showing its impact on citizens of Morristown.

These exhibits will offer visitors a sense of “being there” as important events took place. Ultimately, visitors will come away from the exhibits with an expanded understanding and a new appreciation of the sacrifices and achievements that took place during the American Revolution. Visitors will recognize the relevance of these important 18th century events to their contemporary lives, while enjoying an exciting and fun experience.